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Pangea Platform

The Pangea Blockchain is a custom technology with end to end encryption that will be utilized to perform agricultural transactions on a global scale, allowing farmers world wide to transact business with no limitations.

Pangea Coins

Mining Pangea Coins is disturbingly simple with our customized client system - just Drag and Drop - it's that simple!

How Can
You Become
A Pangea Farmer?

With over 5,000 farmers already on board world-wide, we are looking to help as many farms as possible by allowing them to facilitate agricultural transactions, expand their farms and distribution.

Easy to Mine

There are two ways to earn Pangea Coins. You can pay for them the traditional way, such as purchasing other crypto currencies and converting, or you can MINE them the (nearly) free way.

The Coin with a Difference

Pangeacoins is not just about being a new technological agricultural platform, it's about helping to feed the hungry masses through the use of vertical farming.

Farms on Board

    We have hundreds of farms on board, soon to be thousands.  They agree to accept Pangeacoins as actual currency in trade for quality organically grown food - fruits and vegetables. CLICK HERE to view our interactive farm map to see what countries are already on board.

Adopt A Farmer

With our 'Adopt A Farmer' program, you can choose one or more farmers in specific regions and donate to specifically help their farm.

Pangea Farms World Wide will help those farmers expand their farms and introduce to them new farming technologies like aeroponics and hydroponics, as well as facilitate their agricultural transactions through specific use of our blockchain technology.

Pangea Panda

About the Pangea Coin

Pangea is the blockchain that powers the Pangea Farms World Wide platform.

Is Pangeacoins digital currency the solution to agricultural transactions?

Cryptocurrencies like Pangeacoins have become a global phenomenon known to most people. Who, at this point, has not heard of Bitcoins or Litecoin? While still somehow geeky and not understood by most people, banks, governments and many companies are aware of its importance.

Pangeacoins is a new cryptocurrency with a DIFFERENCE!  We aim to not only create a stable, secure and popular platform, we also aim to do so while helping to end hunger across the globe.  We truly are the platform that will make a difference and huge impact on the world as we know it today!

So what is a cryptocurrency?  In it's simplist form, cryptocurrency is a token mined by solving complex math problems, which then become part of the blockchain in a peer-to-peer environment.  This blockchain is decentralized - meaning - the transactions do not exist in one place, but are actually in little bits across millions of computers.

You mine Pangeacoins and after a period of time has passed: you receive some coins and they become CONFIRMED.  That's really it.  The longer you run the Pangeacoins Client application (in the background), the more coins you obtain.

Here's the real difference: Pangeacoins is being supported by farmers around the world by facilitating agricultural transactions! By utilzing Pangea Coins at strategically planned vertical farms and distribution centers across the globe we can help to feed more people!

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If you want a piece of the action, want to be part of a new evolution in agriculture, want to help the masses by becoming involved with vertical farming or you just want to have some fun mining our coins, ADOPT-A-FARMER TODAY.

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